Yaroslav Zharov

Laboratory of artificial intelligence


National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) 
Cybernetics and Security Faculty, Computer Science and Management Department
He contributes to a wide range of projects, from algorithm outlier detection to complex statistical models. He studied machine learning performance in the 7-Minutes loan project, where loan decision making takes 7 minutes. The project owes this high performance to automation and machine learning.


AI Lab 
  • Research of different machine learning approaches (random forest) to credit scoring challenges as part of the 7-Minutes project
  • Advanced interpretation methods of complex statistical models (variable importance, contribution)
  • Identifying deviations in banking processing by time series analysis


Молодежь и наука 2014 Сравнение различных способов инициализации вейвлет-нейронных сетей и вейвнетов
ИММОД, 2015 Использование вейвлетов произвольной размерности для моделирования вейвлетов