Alexander Vedyakhin

First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank

Alexander Alexandrovich Vedyakhin was born on February 20, 1977 in Volgograd.

In 1998, graduated with honors from Volgograd State Technical University with a degree in Economics.

In 1999, graduated with honors from Volgograd State Technical University with a degree in global Economics.

In 2001, became a Ph.D. in Economics.

In 2010, completed Banking MBA course at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration majoring in bank management.

In 2012, completed a joint advanced program of Sberbank and London Business School.

In 2016-2018, completed regular courses at Stanford Graduate School of Business

In 2018, completed MIT Artificial Intelligence Course

In 1999 - 2008, made a career from a senior cash manager to deputy branch manager at Sberbank Branch 8621, Volgograd.

2008-2012, First Deputy Chair of Sberbank Board, Sberbank of Russia, Ukraine.

2012-2015, a Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), DenizBank, Turkey.

2015-2018, Senior Vice President, PJSC Sberbank, CRO Sberbank Group, Risk Block Manager, including AI Laboratory and Data Research Competency Development Center.

June 2018, Board member, First Deputy Chair of Sberbank Board.

Curation Areas: Retail Business, Corporate and Investment Business, Private Banking, Sales Network, Toxic Asset Department, Energy Saving and Nature Use Project Directorate.

Manages and supervises the operation of: AI Laboratory, Data Research Competency Development Center, Control and Coordination Management Department, Process and PSS Department, Control Expert Group.

In 2016, was awarded a second-class medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland.

In 2018, received a letter of gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation.