Maxim Yeremenko

Senior managing Director, CDS office.
Maxim Yeremenko is the senior managing director at the Data Research Competency Development Center. Leads the development and implementation of credit risk assessment models and retail and corporate rating models. Supervises projects related to Big Data analysis and focuses on AI transformation project. Coordinates and controls operations related to research, model and algorithm development, advanced analytical tools based on machine learning and data intellectual analysis. Organizes analysis and control of financial performance of a range of projects. Organizes and controls the collection, updating, and synchronizing of the bank’s unified register of model activities. Maxim leads the creation and service of the in-house Data Science professional community. He organizes and supports the operations of Sberbank Data Science Community, maintains the required infrastructure, organizes events aimed at the community development and competence growth. Organizes regular communications and experience sharing within Sberbank Data Science Community and maintains the unified community information environment. He joined Sberbank Group in 2005 as a corporate risk assessment expert. In 2010, was appointed the Deputy Head of the Corporate Credit Risk Department. In 2013-2017, Maxim held a position of Senior Managing Director and the Head of Risk Model Department. As the Head of the Unit, he managed efforts related to risk management system integration. Thanks to this system, Sberbank became the first Russian bank to pass Basel II qualification and has the lowest risk portfolio in the Russian market. In 2018, Maxim was appointed the Head of the Data Research Competency Development Department. Maxim graduated from National Research Nuclear University with a degree in applied mathematics.