Alexander Ryzhkov

Laboratory of artificial intelligence


Lomonosov Moscow State University
Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Department, cum laude Grandmaster (this title has been awarded to only 100 experts worldwide). At Sberbank DSAI, he tackles the most complex challenges of AutoML meta-learning and PyTorch library application to build and train neural networks. He believes that in future banks will be based on automated and taught systems.


  • Base-lines development for tasks posted on the contest platform
Deutsche Bank 
  • Developing and testing log analysis system on the trade platform by machine learning
  • Building clients’ geoprofiles 
  • Retail chatbot


Участник и неоднократный призер международных соревнований по анализу данных на платформе Топ-50 мирового рейтинга  2 место/1969 - Grupo Bimbo Inventory Demand challenge (2016, анализ временных рядов)

6 место/355 - Yelp Restaurant Photo Classication challenge (2016, анализ изображений)