07 Apr 2020

Sberbank launching COVID-19 Data Challenge, unique international intelligent data analysis competition

International online competition held from March 31 to May 5, 2020 Contenders to make predictive models of coronavirus spreading factors in different countries

Sberbank has launched COVID-19 Data Challenge, an international online competition in which participants will attempt to make a predictive model of coronavirus spreading factors in different countries. The challenge is backed by Open Data Science, a largest community of Russian data scientists. Everyone who has reached the age of eighteen can take part in the competition. The initial data, or dataset, for programmers from all over the world will feature confirmed cases of COVID-19 based on Johns Hopkins University CSSE’s study.

The competition will promote the use of modern technologies in terms of Social AI and subsequent use of its results to improve the quality of models predicting the spread of COVID-19.

Consisting of weekly sessions, the challenge will run until May 5, 2020. At the end of each session, all solutions will be checked if their formats are correct and published in the ranking table on the competition website. The total prize pool of the competition is RUB 1.6 mln, which will be distributed among the best contenders.

 Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank,
“Sberbank is already highly experienced in holding hackathons aimed at resolving specific problems. Today we are faced with a new challenge to predict the spread of a new coronavirus type, COVID-19. With the support of the Open Data Science community we seek to engage as many developers, data scientists, and programmers as possible to resolve this problem. I am sure that the competition will let us get an up-to-date and useful forecast model that will help government agencies to make even wiser decisions to fight the spread of the virus in the future.”