14 Oct 2019

Sberbank and Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations organizing joint hackathon

Sberbank and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia are holding an open online machine learning and AI competition that will end on December 1, 2019. Participants can sign up on the website wildfire.sberbank.ai. Contenders can compete solo or as part of a team of no more than four people. The participants should develop a solution for the automatic classification of fire types based on temperature anomalies data received from satellites. The solution might later be used to identify possible areas where forest fires occur and let stakeholders react quickly to prevent emergencies across the entire country. The image recognition technology and solutions contenders will use might later be employed by the bank to achieve its current business goals. Maxim Yeryomenko, Senior Managing Detector of the Department for Data Research Competences Development, Sberbank, “Addressing social problems and enhancing the quality of life are among the global trends behind artificial intelligence use. Competitions like that unlock new opportunities in the quest for innovations that can dramatically improve the safety of people by preventing natural and man-made disasters.” Viktor Yatsutsenko, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations or Russia, “In a push to minimize the economic losses, EMERCOM of Russia is now moving from responding to emergencies to preventing them. A top priority here is the use of artificial intelligence to model the potential consequences of emergencies. When united, the efforts of the government, businesses, and society should enable us to prevent emergencies and mitigate the losses, but what’s most important peoples’ lives could be saved.” Learn more about the hackathon, its tasks, and sign up at https://wildfire.sberbank.ai/.