Работа в Сбербанк DSAI

What matters is, what you are striving foris what you dowhat you think

rather than how you look like. We have no dress codes and offer a convenient office and informal team communications.
We do not pick up tasks to pretend that we are working; the projects that Sberbank is working at are intended the clients.
Step forward with an idea and do your best to make it come true.

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Sberbank has more than 150 million private and 2.5 million corporate clients worldwide. Sberbank AI is responsible for the efficient data processing of every client. The scope and complexity of tasks and data are becoming increasingly complicated every day. We need dedicated professionals who are willing to take charge of their work.

Sberbank today

Today’s Sberbank has nothing in common with the savings institution, which functions he performed throughout its history. But what is amazing is that Sberbank is of little resemblance of what it used to be just ten years ago!